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/ 2021
UX & UI Design
Consulting & Strategy
Content Architecture
Webflow Development
Website Mockup Image - hero section of the Therapy website
Creating a calming and friendly website for young psychotherapists

Each therapist is unique and brings different experiences, training and personality to their private practice. It's the same with therapy websites. It should be unique and reflect the therapist’s personality and approach to their practice. Dominik is a young and passionate therapist who likes humour and art. He wanted this to be reflected in his website as well.

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Website Mockup Image - Individual therapy section of the Therapy websiteWebsite Mobile Mockup - contact form section of the Therapy website


Our goal was to incorporate Dominik’s personality into the website. As well as creating a visually pleasing website, we also wanted it to have a calming effect on clients. In other words, we aimed to make an otherwise stressful process enjoyable.

Our approach

As part of our design process, we discussed with our client how to incorporate his personality through illustrations and colours. We have created simple illustrations that represent each type of therapy with organic shapes throughout the website.

The colour palette we selected for this project is a blend of  beige and soft pastel colours, which create a calming and visually soothing effect.

Each of Dominik's therapy types is accompanied by a quote that represents the therapist's values and what he wishes to convey to his clients.


As an outcome we have created simple and functional web experience, which started to bring new clients right away.

"I wanted to have a website, which takes out the stigma of seeking a mental health professional. The Compote did it perfectly according to my needs in a fun, not boring way. I am very happy with the website, same as are my clients."

Dominik Břeň - Psychotherapist
Dominik Břeň
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