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/ 2021
UX & UI Design
Consulting & Strategy
Content Architecture
Webflow Development
Creating a service focused web experience for a rapidly-growing company

SALESDOCk is one of the top-ranked sales B2B agencies worldwide — they help companies to build sales departments, consult and improve their sales strategies.

As a fast growing company, SALESDOCk wanted to better present its services, capabilities, company culture, as well as their new online sales program. To achieve that, they tasked us with redesigning their entire website. Our main objective was to design and develop a modern website that will be service focused to acquire more leads, boost the number of job applications and will promote their new product launch - Sales Academy Online

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Notebook mockup with Salesdock hero imageNotebook mockup with Salesdock hero image

Our approach

We have started by researching the user's movement on the website, to determine the key problems. We have found that one of the main issues was the information structure of the website. The majority of users struggled to find the services on the homepage, which resulted in targeting the wrong customers and lost leads.

By redesigning the structure of the homepage we have been able to focus the user attention on the most critical section - the services. By improving readability, applying better accessibility solutions and focusing on user experience, we have been able to create a modern website that has increased the amount of acquired sales leads.

Hiring of talented employees is an essential part of a company's growth. As part of the website, we have integrated a site that promotes the company culture, employs experience, and represents the brand personality.

For the launch of the SALESDOCK online academy, we created a sales page that highlights the product features and content and is connected to the online education platform.


We helped SALESDOCk increase conversions by improving users’ journeys and overall web experiences. We have successfully launched Sales Academy Online. This led to growth in leads and website visitors. Thanks to the new careers page, SALESDOCk has hired several new talents and keeps on expanding.

"For a long time, we have looked for a team that would understand our company, be proactive and deliver on time. The Compote help us to create things that not only look great but also work well."

Jakub Hon CEO and Co-Founder of Salesdock
Jakub Hon
CEO & Co-Founder at SALESDOCk
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