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/ 2021
UX & UI Design
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Custom code
Creating a new identity and website for the largest employer of Wolt couriers

Rozvážej is the official fleet of Wolt, offering the fastest contract processing, highest earnings and a lot of great benefits for Wolt couriers in Czech Republic.

Due to the changes Wolt made in their system, Rozvážej needed a new website and brand identity in order to ensure they would attract the most sign-ups from Wolt couriers.

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Our challenge was to differentiate the Rozvážej brand from the other Wolt partners and create an easy-to-navigate website. One aspect of the website was a multi-step sign-up form that needed to eliminate errors often made by couriers when signing up.

Our approach

During the research phase of the project, we looked at other Wolt fleets in the Czech Republic to come up with a unique brand image that would stand out among competitors.

With the website, we focused on quickly showcasing the benefits of the Rozvážej fleet to establish the advantages. In order to improve the user experience, we designed a multi-step sign-up form with many conditions that would guide users to avoid making mistakes during the registration process. This will ensure that the contracts that are sent directly to the couriers after they sign-up are without any mistakes and ready as fast as possible.


After the website launch, the client noticed a rapid increase in sign-ups, and their provision income grew more than 128% compared to the year before.

A customer survey revealed that the primary reason couriers chose Rozvážej fleet was due to the design and simplicity of the website in comparison to its competitors.


"The delivery business faced a slump in demand in the spring of 2022. The traditional downturn after the winter season was compounded by the end of the pandemic and the Rozvážej.cz fleet was no exception.

During Q1 and Q2 2022, our revenue fell by 35% and the fixed nature of our costs was dragging us down. Some of our competitors could not withstand the situation, and we were also gradually running out of patience.

We were faced with two options: either do nothing or take a bigger bite out of the market. We decided to take a proactive approach. Its supporting component was the automation of internal processes, which allowed us to hire more people at the same cost. The main part was making our fleet more attractive to new couriers. And since the gateway to the system in this business is the web, we had to work on it.

We chose The Compote to do the job. Thanks to previous collaborations, I knew their approach: they work independently and push the project forward. This was and still is invaluable to me. But equally significant was their second characteristic. They find a solution to every problem. The Compote isn't a giant corporation that has a specialist for everything, so you may need functionality they don't have experience with. That was the case for us. But every moment of working together I was confident that even if they didn't have a solution up their sleeves, they would find it as soon as possible.

We wanted two seemingly contradictory things from our site: It had to be as simple as possible for the customer, the prospective courier, and yet flawlessly connected to a rather complex internal system.

The courier currently has a choice of 5 or 6 potential employers who have very similar or even the same conditions. Due to the market's near-perfect competition, couriers make their decisions almost exclusively based on the web. We know from the data that they actually browse through the websites of all fleets and that more than 50% of them subsequently choose us, leaving 35-50% for all other competitors. In the 3 months since we launched the site we have increased our market share substantially and our sales have increased by 128%.

To be honest, I didn't expect such dramatic growth even in the best case scenario. Many web designers can make beautiful sites. Some of them deliver a functional solution. However, very few companies manage to deliver a truly comprehensive product that will dramatically improve your results. And that's what we've done by working with The Compote."

Jakub Kotek
Project Manager
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