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/ 2021
Consulting & Strategy
Webflow Development
Case study Roier
Webflow development for investment startup

Roier specializes in real estate investment, arranging investments for all investors-big and small. They reached out to us to help them develop their future website with Webflow. The decision to use Webflow was mainly driven by their desire to implement many tailored solutions throughout the website and to be able to easily add content to the website.

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Our challenge was meeting the client's two-week deadline, in which the platform had to be launched. The project also required us to implement a revenue calculator and a database of investment properties.

Our approach

Since the design of the project was already created by Roier ’s in house designer, our job was solely to develop the website in Webflow. The challenge was  to create a database that would be easily editable and would expand with the business in the future by adding new properties and content. For that we used Webflow CMS, which has met all of the client’s needs.


We successfully launched the website in just two weeks, met all of our client's requirements, and developed a simple and effective solution for an investment database.

"The Compote is very experienced in Webflow and web design in general and can pick up on details that we might overlook. We rarely see this kind of work, even in large agencies. "

Matyáš Křeček CTO at Roier
Matyáš Křeček
CTO at Roier
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