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Webflow Membership Overview: All you need to know

March 8, 2023
9 min read
Alžběta Pevná
log in design

Would you like to create unique, branded experiences for your customers and community? This is all the info you need to know about Webflow's Memberships Beta. Here's a brief overview of all the features and how you can incorporate Memberships Beta into your website.

What does Beta mean?

In November 2022, Webflow released a Beta version of their Membership feature, allowing users to try it out and provide feedback to Webflow so they can refine the feature's functionalities.

Due to the fact that Memberships is still in the testing phase, it may not have the same level of capability as other Webflow features do.

The official release is planned for 2023.

Memberships functionality with three core feature areas

  • Users: Webflow introduces the concept of a users and builds functions to help create and manage these data.
  • Gated content: with Memberships, you can control access to pages and CMS collections based on user rights.
  • Paid memberships: let’s you combine users and gated content with Webflow's native ecommerce system to monetize gated experiences on your website.

Users functionality

Delivered to date:

  • User accounts: you can enable up to 20,000 visitors to your website to access exclusive, tailored content by logging in.
  • User Pages: All Memberships come with five new pages providing utility for common user activities, including but not limited to:
    1. Login page: users can use this page to sign in to their existing account or register for a new one if they don't have one
    2. Account page: authenticated users can view and edit their account information through this self serve page
    3. Access denied page: informs users that they have attempted to access something they don't currently have permission to view
  • User dashboard: Admins have the ability to control the users of their site from one centralized location, which includes inviting new members and controlling member access.
  • Custom user data fields: Flexibly model your customer data, with the ability to create custom data fields for managing users on the back end and for integration with your signup forms. Types of custom fields supported are: text, boolean, email, number and link.
  • Users API: enables the linking of Webflow user data to other systems.

Webflow is working to improve:

  • Ability to surface user data in the page design
  • Easier integration for Users with external systems
  • Improvements to custom fields

Gated content

This functionality supports unpaid gated content and member portals.
Delivered to date:

  • Access groups: Create up to 20 access groups for users, depending on their purchases or user attributes. These groups can be utilized in the Designer to generate unique experiences for authenticated users.
  • Gated content: You can tailor user experiences by either displaying or concealing pages or CMS collections to particular access groups. Additionally, you can choose to gate individual elements to users relying on whether they are logged in or not.
  • Server side rendering: Content which is protected on the server is only sent to the browser of a client once it has been checked and verified, thus making it secure for data which is especially sensitive.

Webflow is working to improve:

  • Element level gating for access groups coming early Q1
Log in design


This functionality supports paid memberships and users in e-commerce.
Delivered to date:

  • User permission types: Various kinds of user permissions can be established - from invite-only, to free of charge, to requiring payment.
  • Subscriptions: Membership sites with monetization have the ability to charge a repeated fee to allow access. This can be a daily, monthly, or yearly fee

Webflow is working to improve:

  • Improvements to paid subscription user flows
  • Bringing user accounts to e-commerce more broadly

What can you do with Webflow memberships?

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Create content that is only accessible to members
  • Develop online courses for members
  • Establish a member's portal for exclusive access.

Webflow Membership Pricing

Membership will be part of the Webflow site plans. Here is overview of the functionalities:

General Site Plans

Starter - Free

  • Access to Membership: Yes
  • Limitations: 100 users / no e-commerce
  • Use cases: Sandbox & testing

Basic - $14/mo

  • Access to Membership: No
  • Limitations: Not available
  • Use cases: Not available

CMS - $23/mo

  • Access to Membership: Yes
  • Limitations: 10,000 users / no e-commerce
  • Use cases: Gated content, Member portals

Business - $39/mo

  • Access to Membership: Yes
  • Limitations: 20,000 users / no e-commerce
  • Use cases: Gated content, Member portals
Webflow General Site Plans pricing

E-commerce Site Plans

Standard - $29/mo

  • Access to Membership: Yes
  • Limitations: 10,000 users
  • Use cases: Gated content, Member portals, Paid memberships

Plus - $74/mo

  • Access to Membership: Yes
  • Limitations: 20,000 users
  • Use cases: Gated content, Member portals, Paid memberships

Advanced - $212/mo

  • Access to Membership: Yes
  • Limitations: 20,000 users
  • Use cases: Gated content, Member portals, Paid memberships
E-commerce Site Plans pricing

How to implement Webflow Membership to your website

You can access Webflow Memberships by selecting a Memberships template or cloneable site, or by creating your site from the beginning. If you opt for a Memberships template, it will already have Memberships enabled. If you choose another template, start your site from scratch, or would like to add Memberships to an existing site, you can activate it by clicking the Users icon in the left toolbar.

To Wrap It Up

As a beta feature, Memberships in Webflow may not offer the same level of comprehensive functionality as other established features. Nonetheless, Webflow recognizes this and is committed to enhancing its capabilities by introducing new and innovative features over the next few months, leading up to its general availability.

Alžběta Pevná

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